Emlak Satın Alma 

Buying a home overseas is an important transaction and you should choose your agent carefully. You should be comfortable that you have the support and guidance of a reputable, trustworthy agent who has your best interest at heart.

Changes to the purchase legislation in August 2012 now makes it possible for people from all around the world (with very few exceptions) to purchase property in Turkey in their own name. However, there are still some military-sensitive areas that are not available for purchase by foreign nationals – known as military zones. PPS market very few properties in military zones but our advert would clearly indicate this restriction.

With effect from October 2013, many properties on the Bodrum Peninsula can be purchased by foreign nationals without the need for military permission. If any property located on the same parcel of land has been previously checked by the military authorities since May 2011 (i.e. purchased by a foreign national), then further permission from the military authorities is no longer required. This saves time and money and means you can receive your title deeds (TAPU) in a matter of days if all other aspects of the purchase are ready. For properties located on a parcel of land where no other foreign national has purchased since May 2011, a military check is still required. This takes 4-6 weeks and costs approx TL575.

As with any house purchase, we recommend you appoint a lawyer to act on your behalf. He/she should speak your language and be based in the Bodrum area. Your lawyer will complete all of the legal aspects of your purchase such as: Due diligence checks, purchase contract, obtaining your Turkish tax number, opening a bank account in Turkey, application for military permission if required, handle deposits & payments and obtaining the title deed (TAPU) in your name. PPS will work closely with your chosen lawyer to ensure a hassle-free purchase.

PPS will give you a breakdown of the actual buying costs before you purchase but your budget should allow for the following fees:

Lawyer Fee £1000 + VAT
Agency Fee 3% of the purchase price
Purchase Tax 2% – 4%
Noterised documents & translations – approx 850 TL